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me in school: *checks time*
time: 8:00 am
me in school: *checks time 2 hours later*
time: 8:01 am
me on tumblr: *checks time*
time: 8:00 am
me on tumblr: *checks time 3 seconds later*
time: 11:59 pm October 23rd,3035

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lets play a game called olympics or gay porn

Kpop highschool

Girls Generation: The popular cheerleaders who get invited to all the parties and have 2000+ friends on facebook
2ne1: The cool rebellious girls who everybody wants to talk to
2pm: The guys who love to party
f(x): The artsy girls
U-kiss: the smart kids who love to talk about pi
Boa: The pretty teacher all the guys have a crush on
JYP: the all knowing teacher everybody goes to when they have problems.
KKS: The horrible teacher who does crystal meth and steps on kittens and shouldn't be an authority figure but for some reason he still is.
T-ara: The Bullied one
Shinee: the good looking guys who dress fashionably and have every girl in love with them, but are secretly dating each other.
MBLAQ: The guys who change hairstyles more than you change clothes
Exo: The instantly popular new kids
Super Junior: the dorks who play pranks on people and write all over the desks
4minute: The group of girls who are popular, but only because they are friends with a super popular girl.
Wonder girls: The smart girls who excel in foreign languages.
C.N blue: the guys with a band
F.T island: the guys with the other band
Sistar: the girls with amazing bodies
Netizens: The weird kids who obsess and stalk the popular kids





Look at the details! The dog bowl says ‘Loki’, and the license plate is “ASG4RD” or Asgard.

It’s cut off in the gif, but the mom’s coffee cup has a Stark label on it.

I still declare that the best part of this is that she’s a little girl cosplaying Thor. :3


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Interviewer: Did you recently have any kisses?
Kiseop: Yes, I have!
Interviewer: Who? Kim Tae Hee? IU? Yoona?
Kiseop: Kevin. We accidentally bumped lips!
Interviewer: This isn't desperate, this is worse.
child: mom why do you always make bentos for me we're not even japane-
me: shh here's a piece of toast put it in your mouth and run for school like in the animes

Asshole Disney.: Let's talk about how much I learned in my Intro to Politics class today.


Oh wait. It was impossible to pay attention because the guy next to me TOOK OFF HIS SHOES AND SOCKS IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS.

This is not your home. This is not car or your cave dwelling or your cardboard box. This is a college class.

Look at this man. I bet his feet hurt like a bitch.


Do you think Jason Derulo announces his name in things other than his own songs?

Starbucks employee: grande caramel frapp for--
Rihanna: Oh na na, what's my--
Edward Cullen: Say it. Out loud.
Harry Potter: He's back. You-Kno--

Asshole Disney.: Does anyone else feel really awkward being the first person done with a test?


I just had an exam in my Enlightenment Lit class. Which first of all, was cruel. I just had spring break last week. And while my break was basically a lot of this,

I still can’t be expected to remember anything about 18th century literature. I mean, I didn’t even read it the first time…