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Kpop highschool

Girls Generation: The popular cheerleaders who get invited to all the parties and have 2000+ friends on facebook
2ne1: The cool rebellious girls who everybody wants to talk to
2pm: The guys who love to party
f(x): The artsy girls
U-kiss: the smart kids who love to talk about pi
Boa: The pretty teacher all the guys have a crush on
JYP: the all knowing teacher everybody goes to when they have problems.
KKS: The horrible teacher who does crystal meth and steps on kittens and shouldn't be an authority figure but for some reason he still is.
T-ara: The Bullied one
Shinee: the good looking guys who dress fashionably and have every girl in love with them, but are secretly dating each other.
MBLAQ: The guys who change hairstyles more than you change clothes
Exo: The instantly popular new kids
Super Junior: the dorks who play pranks on people and write all over the desks
4minute: The group of girls who are popular, but only because they are friends with a super popular girl.
Wonder girls: The smart girls who excel in foreign languages.
C.N blue: the guys with a band
F.T island: the guys with the other band
Sistar: the girls with amazing bodies
Netizens: The weird kids who obsess and stalk the popular kids

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